Personal data policy

Personal information

What is personal information? Personal information is any kind of information about an identified or identifiable natural person. Identifiable natural person means a natural person who can be directly or indirectly identified. Natural persons include individuals and sole proprietorships. Information about other types of companies - e.g. public limited companies and private limited companies - are not protected by the Data Protection Regulation. The same applies to information about authorities. Read more about the topic on the Danish Data Protection Agency's website.


Old Irish Pub will treat your personal information confidentially. In relation to the use of our website to inquire about the services we can provide, Old Irish Pub is data responsible in accordance with the EU Personal Data Regulation. We are therefore obliged to use your personal information confidentially.


Every time you visit our website, we only use necessary cookies which ensure that the page works and that it is accessible. We also want to receive anonymous statistical data via 3rd party products including Meta-pixels etc. You will be greeted by a cookie box where you can accept these (called "Marketing cookies") or reject the use of these. We will only use them if you accept. You can change your choice at any time via the link "Change your cookie choices" at the bottom of the page.

Credit card and security form

We never store credit card information - we use a solution from e.g. NETS and gateways about e.g. Bambora, where credit card information is entered in a secure environment (SSL) and sent in encrypted form to NETS without us having access to credit card data.

All data entered via forms is encrypted via SSL, as the site has an SSL certificate.

What information do I have access to?

As a registrant, you always have the opportunity to inspect and you can object to a registration in accordance with the rules of the Data Protection Regulation. If you wish to have information corrected or deleted, you can contact the Old Irish Pub. You can always change your cookie choices yourself by clicking on the link "Change your cookie choices" at the bottom of the page.